Rooftop solar panels are one the most popular sources of renewable energy. Due to the fact that they are installed on rooftops, they are a great solution if you have limited ground space. They also allow for optimal use of space without affecting the aesthetics of the building and its surroundings. The roof surface is virtually always exposed to direct sunlight, and additionally allows you to avoid shade cast by high objects. 


Who will benefit from rooftop solar panels?

  • warehousing and logistics companies
  • hotels and tourist facilities
  • office buildings
  • shopping centers and large retail stores
  • production plants and companies
  • public institutions – schools, government and NGO offices, cultural centers
  • medical facilities
  • farms and agricultural companies


What are the benefits for your company?

  • lower operating costs, including lower electricity bills
  • space savings on the property
  • the image of a modern, environmentally-friendly company supporting sustainable development
  • independence from power suppliers, their reliability and tariff changes
  • increased property value and capital investment


Rooftop solar panels are a great solution for both small and large businesses. The size and power output of the system are tailored to the available roof space and the needs of your business. With our support, based on many years of experience, you gain a customized solar power system that is tailor-made and brings tangible benefits to your company.