About us

Why choose EnergiaPort?

We have extensive experience gained as a result of numerous implementations in Poland and throughout Europe. 

We have already had the pleasure to bask in the Sicilian sun, play with the Danish LEGO, eat German bratwurst, taste Belgian chocolate, cycle along the canals of Amsterdam, and enjoy the British five o’clock cuppa tea. We have planned and implemented photovoltaic projects of virtually every scale, from 4 kW to +50 MW. The total production capacity of all our panels amounts to over 1 GW, and this number is constantly growing!

When choosing EnergiaPort, you choose a team of passionate and experienced individuals with imagination and openness to collaboration. 

Consultation and support at every stage

Solar panels and photovoltaic farms are a significant investment that requires good planning and thorough preparations. Working with us, you receive comprehensive assistance and consultancy at every stage of project implementation. We offer support in obtaining funding, completion of the necessary documentation and assist in handling formalities.

Professional installation and service

Regardless of the size of the project, we ensure the highest construction standards. Our team consists of highly trained specialists who use professional tools and components of the highest quality in their daily work. Our systems are fully safe and will serve for many years due to our attention to even the smallest details.

Individual approach

We approach each project with an open mind. We start with a thorough analysis and present the best possible solutions, tailored to individual needs and requirements. With many years of experience in the planning and implementation of photovoltaic systems throughout Europe, we are the right choice for all kinds of projects, including non-standard ones. We tailor each project to the client’s needs and ensure that it brings tangible benefits and helps to reduce operation costs.