PV farms are large-scale ground-mounted installations, consisting of multiple panels, arranged in specific configurations. They generate clean energy without producing harmful substances. It is not only an environmentally friendly solution that supports the protection of the environment, but also an innovative and highly effective solution, allowing for the production of large amounts of electrical energy.


What are the benefits of photovoltaic farms?

  • lower energy costs
  • sustainable development and positive impact on the environment
  • an alternative energy source
  • profits from the sale of surplus electricity
  • utilization of unused agricultural land
  • support for the local economy
  • a secure and long-term investment


The electricity generated by a photovoltaic farm can be used to power businesses, homes, public institutions, and even entire villages and smaller towns. Surplus energy can also be sold and transmitted to the power grid. Building a photovoltaic farm is a long-term investment that not only guarantees cost returns, but also serves as an additional source of revenue.


If you choose to build a PV farm together with EnergiaPort, you will receive support at every stage of the process. We assist in handling all formalities and permits, design a farm that utilizes the available space in the most optimal way, prepare and install the system and provide regular servicing. This ensures not only comprehensive support, but also the certainty that your farm will operate efficiently, bringing you tangible benefits.